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DocMinder - compareDocs Integration Document Review

The software integration improving document review workflows

22 Jun 2021 -- Joe Combs, DocsCorp Director, Partnerships and Alliances.

Typical document review workflows happen across multiple applications. First, you share the original document with a counterparty, receive an edited version, load it into document comparison software to review the changes, and send an update to all parties. Repeat.

This isn’t a simple process. It’s time-consuming and prone to error. That’s where the DocMinder and DocsCorp software integration can help.

The integration enables users to:

  • Compare different versions for differences and manage changes from a single screen.

  • Automatically route and follow-up on a project until closure (this includes checklist approvals).

  • Prevent errors that happen when moving between multiple applications.

  • Get quick insight into a project’s status without needing to search through email.

  • Manage projects with reporting, calendars, and dashboards.

Efficient document review

Document review is straightforward when you use DocMinder. It provides a single view across the touchpoints for document review, including your iManage or NetDocuments document management system, email inbox, and Microsoft Teams messages.

One consolidated screen displays Dashboards for quick insight into how document review is tracking. Counterparties also enjoy easy access to the review project via an email notification.

Integrated document comparison software

DocMinder streamlines collaboration by integrating document comparison software, compareDocs Cloud, into the document review workflow.

The integration means users don’t have to locate the original and modified versions of a document, open their document comparison software, and run the comparison separately from the rest of the review process. It’s all part of a single, streamlined workflow.

Users can send documents out for review, automatically track their progress, and review the updated document upon return. compareDocs Cloud will automatically mark up any changes. Users can accept/reject changes in an easy-to-read Comparison Report.

How could integration improve your document review workflows? Visit the DocMinder page to learn more.

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