Energy and Utilities

Track, report and document compliance related activities.

Navigating complex regulatory requirements can be tough. Companies must track, report and coordinate internal controls, audit evidence, change management, incident reporting and more.

DocMinder®provides an integrated framework to serve as a data-warehouse that allows an organization to analyze compliance data in volume. This enables an effective, collaborative, and closed-loop approach to compliance, with data to facilitate a proactive and sustainable compliance management platform.

DocMinder®offers a scalable web-based solution to track tasks and action items through-to completion, establish accountability, and manage risk.

DocMinder's end-to-end work management solution gives you total visibility and control by automating the sharing of key information and managing compliance related business processes and tasks.

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Collaboration and Approval



Policy and Procedure


Evidence Collection

Issue Tracking


New Clients, Matters, Vendors

HR Checklists

New Hires, Separations, Transfers



DocMinder®Compliance Management

Energy and utility companies face increasing demands for compliance automation - they need an easy-to-deploy and affordable solution that works seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure.

DocMinder®can help energy and utility companies strengthen and streamline a sustainable compliance program.

  • NERC and FERC Compliance;
  • Self-Certifications and RSAWs;
  • Internal Compliance or Critical Asset Policy Review;
  • Document Review and Verification;
  • Standards Under Development and Balloting;
  • HR Reviews, Training, New Hire, Terminations;
  • Permits, Easements, Right of Way, EH&S;
  • Accident Incident Compliance, Leak Investigations;
  • Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CIP-005, R4, CIP-007, R8);
  • Adherence to Information Protection (CIP-003, R4);
  • Annual Access Review (CIP-003, R5);
  • Quarterly Access Review (CIP-004, R4.1);
  • Access Revocation (CIP-004, R4.2);
  • CIP Self-Certifications;
  • On-Boarding New Clients or Vendors;
  • Environmental Vetting;

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