Governance Risk Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Through continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation you can respond to business risks in real time.

Achieving a visible and effective GRC program can be challenging especially when processes and procedures are triggered manually and across multiple departments.

DocMinder®provides organizations with a platform to manage compliance with powerful automation and reporting capabilities.

Simplify GRC related activities and make it easy to share information.

Discover the DocMinder®Platform

DocMinder®helps streamline data collection, automate workflows and generate custom reports — all from one centralized platform.


Coordinate GRC related activities with a collaborative platform that bridges the communication gap between fragmented departments.

Manage Key Processes

Identify, prioritize and focus on key business processes that support compliance efforts.

Internal Audits

Streamline internal audit activities that make it easy to document evidence, organize work, and create audit reports.

Regulatory Requests

Manage requests for information from external parties; monitor and report on submittals and progress.

Issues Tracking

Identify, assign, track and manage compliance related issues, activities and processes.

Incident Reporting

Create, track and report on the progress and resolution of incidents related to key business requirements.

Policy and Procedures

Automatically route new and updated policies and procedures, assign surveys and easily run ad-hoc reports.

Manage Key Processes

Work-process and task management enable comprehensive, end-to-end management and oversight into all your policies and procedures.

  • Establish accountability and provide visibility;
  • Standardize task management across the enterprise;
  • Track action items driven by regulatory requirements;
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Internal Audits

Automate your internal audit process by transforming isolated, manual processes and spreadsheets into an integrated management program.

  • Manage audit-related activities from a single platform;
  • Gain visibility into potential areas of improvement;
  • Streamline collaboration across the organization;

Regulatory Requests

Streamline and automate the process of managing various regulatory requests, including examinations, meetings, and information requests.

  • Manage evidence requests, track responses and approvals;
  • Enhance transparency with automated workflow processes;
  • Email-based notifications, alerts and advanced reporting;
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Issues Tracking

Simplify every step of tracking issues; resolve issues from start to finish by organizing all your tasks, files, and feedback into one centralized system.

  • Automate escalations and reassignment;
  • Share status and progress updates with your team;
  • Dashboards and reports to review the status of issues;

Incident Reporting

Create a standard framework for collecting information related to any type of incident and customized with the forms-fields and notifications you need.

  • Ensure data consistency by using standard data entry forms;
  • Improve traceability for follow-ups on incidents;
  • Assign ownership to the appropriate individual or groups;
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Policy and Procedures

With powerful workflows, built-in reporting and process templates you can easily distribute and track policies and procedures information across your organization

  • Automate policy and procedure distribution;
  • Track employee verfication and export the results to Excel;
  • Sign documents using DocuSign/Adobe Sign integration;

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