Easily Manage Your Work, Meet Deadlines, and Stay in Sync

DocMinder® is used by people who are frustrated with getting work done through standard email and need an alternative to pricey, complicated software products that only a trained person can use.

Patented and developed by Word-Tech, Inc., DocMinder® is a powerful task management tool that allows you to easily track and manage tasks related to documents, with built-in features such as tracking, reporting, and workflow capabilities - all through common email - on premise or hosted in the cloud.

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Get Full Visibility
Into Your Team's Workload

Whether you are managing multiple projects, or organizing team activities, you can get a full perspective on everything that needs to get done from a flexible solution with an intuitive interface. Integrate with existing systems such as document management, email, and databases to get visibility into what’s happening at every phase of your project and manage your team's workload.

With DocMinder, you can quickly, and easily set up new projects, and workflows, delegate items, track completed projects from a centralized calendar, and turn common procedures into process templates, so your projects run smoothly - every time.

A Personal Productivity Workspace Designed to Keep You Organized

DocMinder's personal "To Do" list offers a unique personalized overview of all your task and project-items to help you collaborate with others, and report on what's been done.

The personal "To Do" list displays a consolidated view of all projects that you are, and others, are assigned to. It allows you to quickly find the status of your projects before you hang up the phone!

Keep Track of Upcoming Deadlines, Events, & Milestones

Whether you are planning an event, managing multiple projects, or organizing team activities, you can get a full perspective on everything that you and others need to do.

The DocMinder Calendar helps you organize your days, weeks, months and years so you can keep track of tasks and when they are due.

Get Actionable Insights With a Real-Time View of All Data

Through powerful filtering tools you can generate user-defined reports to ensure that no task, be it pending or completed, can be overlooked.

DocMinder Reports provide important details that can be used to improve decision-making, communicate progress, identify performance irregularities, satisfy governance / compliance requirements, and more.

Track, Gather, and Display Business Data from Interactive Visualizations

Visual representations help us to understand data quickly, that's why dashboards are helpful in situations where a simple table can't show patterns between data points.

The DocMinder Dashboard is a collection of graph elements that simplify data into manageable, digestible chunks of information.

With the Dashboard, you can see which task-items have been completed, pending or past due - so you can keep updated on your progress and upcoming deadlines.

Important Processes and Procedures Are Done The
Right Way, Every Time

DocMinder Workflow is a visual no-code editor – meaning that all you have to do is drag-and-drop workflow steps into place.

Workflows can be created in a sequence, in parallel or parallel split, with ‘IF THEN’ logic through “Decision Tree” that allows you to set conditions to tell your workflow which path to follow.

Workflows can streamline approvals or reviews, by managing and tracking the human tasks involved with coordinating these processes.

We Simplify Workflow

Manage Inbound Requests with Custom-Built Forms

From on-boarding employees to managing customer support inquiries - custom-built web forms allow you to submit requests and gather the information you need.

The Auto Create Reminders module automatically generates work-assignments whenever specific conditions are met, using a rule-based approach.

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