Word-Tech Adds compareDocs Cloud Document Comparison Capability to DocMinder®

The integration of compareDocs Cloud with DocMinder® to accurately compare documents for changes is the final step in providing users with an end-to-end markup and approval process.

PITTSBURGH – December 3, 2020 — DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced that DocMinder® from Word-Tech, which automates contract submittal, markup, and approval processes, now integrates with compareDocs Cloud. This will allow DocMinder® users to compare multiple versions of documents and manage changes as part of a more efficient approval process.

DocMinder® provides Contract and Project Managers with automatic oversight of business procedures, from task assignment to drag-and-drop workflows, team checklists, through to project completion. Users can send documents out for review, automatically track their progress, and review the updated document upon return. compareDocs Cloud will automatically mark up any changes. Users can accept/reject changes and update all parties of the changes in an easy-to-read Comparison Report.

DocMinder® integrates with compareDocs Cloud through an application programming interface (API). It is a highly scalable RESTful API designed to support volume comparisons for large enterprises. Developers can embed it into their applications using their preferred technology and can connect to it from anywhere.

Commenting on the integration, Bruce Karlson, Word-Tech CEO, said, “We have worked with DocsCorp for over a decade. When we decided to add document comparison functionality to DocMinder®, there was only one choice for us. In terms of the compareDocs Cloud API, it was easy to set up and provides the necessary secure data transfer and encryption we require for our clients across a highly scalable infrastructure.”

“DocsCorp is delighted to expand its partnership with Word-Tech and help add significant new functionality to make the DocMinder application an even more compelling solution for busy legal professionals,” said Dean Sappey, DocsCorp President and Co-Founder. “The compareDocs Cloud integration provides a more seamless approach for clients and eliminates the risk of missing important changes in document versions.”


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